-Even though the workload can be heavy, I like our school because of the higher education and preparation it gives all students." Hailee Kappeler 8th Grade

About discovery


The mission of the Tracy Learning Center is to equip students with the skills necessary to better understand themselves, their relationship with learning, and their responsibility as a citizen. Students are able to organize and analyze information, draw appropriate conclusions, present their findings, and then share their research via networks with others locally and around the world. The school meets the needs of every student by making possible, engaging, relevant, and intellectually challenging learning opportunities that were previously difficult or impossible to achieve. The ability to utilize, manipulate, and share information enables students to become self-motivated, competent, and life-long learners. The educational climate fosters student learning utilizing different modalities and providing a non-threatening environment in which learners can be motivated. The teachers act as facilitators providing opportunities for small group instruction and individualized learning. Teachers also create a community which empowers students to discover the unique qualities of their own learning. All students participate in service-learning projects that involve collaboration with city and business representatives, thereby forming connections as contributing members of the larger community. Learning does not result from access alone, but from continuous dynamic interaction amongst students, educators, parents and the extended community.


Discovery Charter School colors are garnet and gold. There are two parts to Discovery: 5th/6th grade and 7th/8th grade. This will be the first year we will all be Discovery Falcons.  We encourage all students to wear spirit wear to support our school and mascot!




  • 7:30 Carline is supervised for drop-off of students
  • 7:55 Unity
  • 8:00 – 4:00 Academic Day (see student schedule for details)


TEAM 5/6:

Mr. Harding (LA/Humanities) aharding@tracylc.net

Ms. Rodieck (LA/Humanities) lrodieck@tracylc.net

Ms. Bird (Social Studies) dbird@tracylc.net

Mrs. Zuniga (Math/Geography) mzuniga@tracylc.net

Ms. Nijjar- (Math/Geography) hnijjar@tracylc.net

Ms. Diaz (Science) cdiaz@tracylc.net

TEAM 7/8:

Mrs. Cerezo (LA/Humanities) acerezo@tracylc.net

Mrs. Greene (LA/Humanities) agreene@tracylc.net

Ms. Zaca (Social Studies) szaca@tracylc.net

Mrs. Rapp (Math/Geography) drapp@tracylc.net

Mr. Dhillon – (Math/Geography) rdhillon@tracylc.net

Ms. Dominguez (Science) gdominguez@tracylc.net


Coach Levand (PE) alevand@tracylc.net

Coach Penirian (PE) mpenirian@tracylc.net

Coach Williams (PE) dwilliams@tracylc.net

Five Core Subjects

Language Arts, Math, PE/Health, Social Studies, and Science. In addition, students have an exploration wheel (Music, Verbal Expressions and Technology) that rotate every trimester. Students are also given workroom time that is built into their week to allow students to do homework and to study for upcoming quizzes/tests. Workroom is an opportunity to work under the guidance of a teacher to complete projects or work assigned.


The curriculum at Discovery Charter School includes classroom instruction, laboratory experience, and research, reading enrichment, field trips, individual project work, and organized student activities. Discovery Charter School’s goal is to provide curriculum which meets the varied needs, abilities and interests of all middle school students in the community. We recognize this as an important part of a student’s education. Success in Middle School is a strong indicator of success in high school. Habits formed in middle school are often what students do in high school.


Discovery Charter School owes its students an environment that teaches and supports honesty and integrity. Academic dishonesty harms the student who is dishonest resulting in a false evaluation of his or her performance and the mastery of the subject matter. Second, it harms other students by lowering the value of their honest achievement. Most importantly, it violates the basic integrity of a middle school promotion certificate, which certifies to the general public that the student has in fact, mastered the knowledge and skills necessary to complete promotion requirements. For these reasons, cheating and plagiarism are unacceptable. Disciplinary actions for academic dishonesty may include notifying the parents, loss of credit for an assignment or test, lowering the student’s term grade, and/or referring the matter to school administrators for further disciplinary action.