A student must complete 255 credits, complete all SWO projects with passing grades, and complete 200 hours of community service in order to graduate.

  • English 40 credits
  • Social Studies 40 credits
  • Science 30 credits
  • Math 40 credits
  • Fine Arts 10 credits
  • Physical Education 20 credits
  • Fine Arts 10 credits
  • Life Skills 10 credits
  • Career Education 10 credits
  • Career Pathways – Credit or No Credit 5 credits
  • Community Service 5 credits
  • Internship 5 credits
  • Elective Courses 40 credits (this includes college classes)

NOTATIONS for Graduation Requirements

All students must take and pass four years of math while enrolled in high school and one of the four classes must be Algebra I. This requirement may be completed before high school. Regardless, students must take 4 math classes during high school. For the 2019-2020 school year, incoming 10th grade students (and thereafter) are enrolled in an online Career Pathways 10 course for a credit/no credit status. This has increased our total credit for graduation to 255.

Three years of science is to include one course in biological sciences (Biology) and one course in a Physical Science (Chemistry or Earth Science)

MHS does not offer advanced placement or IB credit, instead MHS permits students to attend college classes for dual credit. The advantage for students is that they do not have to pay the price for advanced placement tests, worry about whether the school they are going to will accept advanced placement courses. By taking college classes, students are ensured transferability to state and UC schools, do not have to pay the tuition as long as they receive a grade of “A” or “B”. The tuition is paid for by the school. Many students leave MHS with at least 15 college credits completed.