-“I love the care and support I receive from both MHS students and faculty.” – Abigail Tower 12th

About Millennium


Millennium High School provides an education option for all students in grades 9-12 who reside within the Tracy Unified School District and elsewhere in California’s Central Valley. As a charter school, Millennium High School is a public school of choice available for parents interested in pursuing a unique educational environment for their children. Millennium High provides access to technology as well as supremely competent and qualified instructors as a source of information and learning. Millennium offers opportunities for early college enrollment and a mandatory summer term called Fast Track that provides opportunities for accelerated learning. Parents, students and educators benefit from productive and specialized classroom environments that provide exciting opportunities to learn. The staff of Millennium High believes in a vision of education where students do not benefit from access alone but from continuous, dynamic interaction between all shareholders of a learning community. Students, staff, parents, and members of the surrounding community all working collaboratively to provide the best possible education for all. A graduate of Millennium High School will be prepared to further their education equipped with skills that will benefit them as lifelong learners. Graduates will be complex thinkers able to analyze information and draw appropriate conclusions. Graduates will be communicators able to present findings, their point of view and share their research in any setting. A Millennium High graduate will be collaborative having spent four years of high school working with other students and teachers to produce the best possible works. After four years, graduates will be self-directed learners having been instructed in the skills needed to set future academic and career goals, apply to colleges and manage their daily lives. Graduates will also become responsible members of the community having spent four years at Millennium High volunteering 200 hours of community service to businesses, charities and social organizations. A graduate of Millennium High School will aspire to great heights, advance toward higher learning and achieve their dreams and goals.

Millennium High School Profile 2019-2020

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