Primary Charter Weekly Assignments

Each week teachers will be posting work and activities by class for our students to complete. This work is to help students stay sharp and continue their academics.

P1                                               P2                                             P3

P4                                               P5                                              P6

P7                                               P8


5/6 and 7/8 will be updating our online learning every week. Please check in on Monday to see what is due as well as make a note of any virtual class meetings that may happen throughout the week.

DCS 5-6                                                                  DCS 7-8


MHS Online is in session. We have contacted every student and will be posting assignments for all class here every Monday. Please check in and make a plan based on any virtual class lectures you may have. This work will be graded in AERIES for the 4th quarter. Go Falcons!

MHS Weekly Assignments