Senior Internship Program

Senior Internship

At Millennium High School we are committed to preparing our graduates for life beyond high school. We do this by offering a rigorous academic program, a Career Education class for all juniors, an Internship Program for all seniors, and a Community Service requirement for all students.

Our Internship Program is an extension of the Career Education class where students have explored their career interests and developed a career plan. They have researched a college of their choice and are learning about a variety of different careers and educational institutions through classroom speakers and field trips. Students participated in a series entitled The Power of Communication where they learned: why etiquette is important and essential, the art of communication, how they communicate through their body language and appearance, interviewing skills, and dining etiquette.

Our goal is to help students become better prepared workers who have gained insight into the path they want take after graduation.

Senior Internship Monthly Time Sheet