Aspire Advance Achieve


Today the Tracy Learning Center is home to 1300 students – preschool to twelfth grade.

We are very pleased with our progress and accomplishments over the last 19 years. This year we are especially pleased that our buildings and grounds are being remodeled to make the outside as excellent as the educational opportunities that are available to our students on the inside.


The Tracy Learning Center is a Preschool to twelfth grade learning experience.  We have over 1300 students in these grades.  There are three distinct charter schools with their individual characteristics but the same commitment to excellent.  We call those three charters: Primary, Discovery, and Millennium.  We are dedicated to helping students excel academically while fostering collaboration and social justice in the process.  Students are taught at the appropriate level of intervention which allows us to provide remedial, on grade level and gifted classes to meet individual needs. Please visit each of the distinct parts of the website that will explain in more detail the characteristics and special events of each school. Virginia Stewart, Executive Director

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